Appart-Hotel's accommodations are strategically nestled in accessible neighborhoods in the heart of the city, and encourage micro-mobility for quick
and easy travel. On foot, by bike, on a scooter, by public transportation, the variety of means of locomotion always will serve you well.

A few steps away from the Cointe tunnel entrance, you can also easily travel by road
to Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, Brussels, Namur, Mons and Paris.

The apartments are located within a ten-minutes walk from the Guillemins train station and are close to essential facilities
such as local grocery stores, supermarkets, shopping centers and breweries…

Have a look at the good spots of Appart-Hotel :


Grocery shopping

Numerous brands such as Carrefour and Delhaize are scattered throughout the streets of Liege. Just a few steps from your home, the rue des Guillemins offers the best of Liege's local shops: butcher's shop, dairy shop, artisanal bakery, flowershop…

No matter where you are going, you are sure to find a store to fill your fridge.



An indispensable service for the well-being of city dwellers, laundromats are essential facilities.

You will find them near the main districts: Guillemins, Avroy, Saint-Gilles…


Playing sports

Several gyms are located downtown: Basic Fit, Lifestyle Fitness, JIMS Fitness... Your membership club is sure to have a gym in Liege or in the outskirts.

Your stay is very short? Think of walking or jogging and explore the city and its many green spaces!


Discover Liege

The city of Liege is renowned for its celebrations, including those of August 15 in Outremeuse, but also for its hidden gardens. The hillsides of the Citadel offer a green setting and an exceptional view of the city center.

Wander through the many museums such as La Boverie and its temporary exhibitions, the Curtius Museum or the brand new Trinkhall Museum in the Avroy Park.


Must-try restaurants

Liege stands for a gastronomic basin not to be overlooked.

Discover many restaurants with rich and varied menus such as Le Concordia in Guillemins, As Ouhès on the Market Square, Le Moment near the Cathedral Square... Don't miss the world famous Boulets à la Liégeoise at Kiki in Neuvice street or the famous pasta of the Trattora Maccheroni in Feronstrée.


Nightlife in Liege

Liège has an abundance of unique venues where you can relax and spend a unique moment with your loved ones.

The most popular places in the city center are the Carré, Place du Marché and Place Cathédrale.

Make sure to try some local products, including the local beer at Brasserie Curtius and the famous peket flambé at Amon Nanesse.

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